Judge Watch Network

The JudgeWatch Network is about two (2) things: Transparency and Accessibility. Through the application of some basic technology to the disciplinary process We the People are able to have unfettered access to all judicial records and have the ability to directly interact through reviews and complaints on every single judge in the United States.

The JudgeWatch Network is not about official accountability. We fully recognize the individual state Constitution(s) grant the state Supreme Court(s) the exclusive power to discipline judicial officers via their own disciplinary bodies. The exercising of that power, however, comes with obligations for timely and complete disclosure.

In the interests of our own commitment to transparency, we are herein publishing our own standards for Court Watch Reviews and Reports; we have defined the terms for Public Complaints; and, we have formalized the Rating process - all in order to accept, track, and analyze the information gathered through this platform.

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