We turn ideas into Solutions

by supporting Government, Justice, and Law Enforcement professionals in today's challenges with modern Solutions

Level Playing Field [LPF] is the industry leader at providing secure, scale-able, cloud-based Solutions for Government, Justice, and Law Enforcement professionals. All of our platforms are easily accessible in multiple languages via any internet accessible device. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide a Level Playing Field.

Who We Serve...

We serve the people!

We exist...to provide advanced technological Solutions for everyday challenges with a scope that is on-point and infinite in scale.

We collaborate...with many jurisdictions seeking common Solutions that have area specific requirements and regulations.

We deliver...software, products, and platforms that enable the organization and empower their constituents.




Law Enforcement

Who we are...

We are a group of technologists, industry professionals, and futurists that believe in improving the average citizen's experience while interacting with Government, Justice, and Law Enforcement.

What we do...

We provide Solutions through user-friendly and readily accessible open-source technology.

Our Solutions

Each of our Solutions is available to the appropriate authorities on a subscription basis; and, to the public for free.